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2024 Democratic Candidate for Texas State House Representative (District 32)

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Voting Rights

The right to vote is the bedrock of our democratic republic. Unfortunately, gerrymandering – manipulating an electoral constituency’s boundaries to favor one group or political party – often makes it challenging for citizens to elect candidates who represent their interests.

Minority communities and historically marginalized groups frequently feel the impact of gerrymandering, which violates the principle of fair representation for all citizens. And, when voting districts are drawn to favor certain political groups or interests, the wishes of the majority of voters may not be reflected in the laws passed.

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Border and Immigration

We have a border crisis and problems with our current immigration system – there’s no question about that. However, there are no easy answers for resolving these complex issues.

If we are to even begin to find a livable answer to border and immigration problems, we must be willing to listen to the people directly impacted – immigrants, the people who live and work on the border, and those who live in areas where immigrants are being transported. Legislatures must be willing to work together and make reasonable compromises.

Texas Gov. Abbott recently signed into law a provision that local law enforcement officers can arrest immigrants who have crossed into the state. Under this law, local judges can send these immigrants back to Mexico. Abbott’s action has made illegal entry at the Texas border a state crime. Gov. Abbott’s action goes against the United States Constitution.

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Reproductive Health

Women make up 50% of the population in Texas, and yet only 30% of Texas state legislators are women. The unfortunate result is that women’s rights often are not only ignored in our state but are undermined.

One of the most important rights that women should have concerns health care. I stand firmly in support of a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her health, including her reproductive health. With advice from her medical team and support from her family, women can and should make these decisions without interference from local, state, or federal government.

As we have seen recently here in Texas, the state’s interference in a woman’s medical decisions during a high-risk pregnancy can result in serious negative repercussions. The recent case of Ms. Kate Cox, a wife and mother of two who was carrying a fetus with conditions incompatible with life, was a wake-up call for all Texas women of childbearing age. The pregnancy not only put her own life at stake but threatened her ability to have more children, which she hoped to do. Yet, the state of Texas blocked Ms. Cox’s ability to terminate her unviable pregnancy, forcing her to go out of state for medical care.

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